Hi there,
I had a pregnancy which ended in miscarriage last year, but am really trying to find if someone has been through similar symptoms as I am now pregnant again and am desperate to avoid it. Basically, my pregnancy was ok until 8 weeks when I had extremely heavy bleeding (no pain) of the type that leave a big pool of blood on the floor and continues bleeding. Surprisingly however the baby was ok, then the same thing happened at 12 weeks (around the time my period should have been due again) and once again the baby was ok and had grown normally. however 2 days later I started cramping and miscarried. I have friends who have had miscarriages but never like this, most never saw a heartbeat or bleeding was spotting never so heavy as in my case. one doctor suggested it was an infection which left untreated finally affected the pregnancy, another one said that it could be implentation bleeding but I have not heard of it being so heavy, and the timing with the periods...I have found out i have a slightly increased chance of trombophilia, so it might be something related to clotting but I really do not know and am wondering how to prevent something like this happening again. I will be grateful to hear of anyone who has been through a similar experience.

thank you in advace