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My 13 year old son's right lower eyelid has been twitching for several years. It twitches every 15 to 20 seconds. It does not hurt or interfere with his life in any way at all. He just gets a tingly feeling and has to twitch to feel comfortabe. The twitch is visible. Where should I seek help for this problem?


Since your son has been experiencing this condition for a quite some time now it would be wise to check with the doctor. This condition is known to appear sometimes during the stress but it is also known fact that it stops after some time.

Have you even considered taking your son to the doctor? And has he been complaining about the twitching?

My younger sister sometimes experiences this twitching thing but like I said it always goes away after few days. When we asked the doctor he said it is normal if it goes away and my grandmother, who is very old by the way, always tells us when you experience twitching that you are going to see someone you like. If this condition continues take him to the doctor.