my problem started 1 months ago. I was suffering from vocal cords fatigue and used voice exercises and abdominal breathing. But on a day when I was training and keeping my breath down, my sister pressed me very hard on my stomach and I took the air out of my mouth quickly and I felt that something was cutting in the left side of the neck behind the larynx . I felt sever pain . And now whenever I moved my neck or moved larynx or the throat left and right or did a massage for the throat or neck the pain in increase and the pain is continues from 10 days . i Feel:. numbness and muscular weakness and tension of the nerves and pulsing pains in neck and supraceilavecular fossa , such as electric shock in the neck of the left side or burned by fire and sometimes during swallowing and my neck could not carry my head ..knowing that the right side of the neck very well . but all my pain in left side and i feel needles on the left ear And the pain on the shoulder and the left hand and numbness and weakness in the shoulder joint, no one was able to treat us in Sudan and the diagnosis is very bad. He said the possibility of inflammation of the nerve, but I do not feel better with medication, please benefit and communicate with me for treatment and diagnosis of the situation or possible possibilities Thank you