so i am freaking out.  when i was 14 i got stung by a wasp on my foot and it swelled up and my leg went numb. went straight to the hospital and got shot up with a bunch of stuff and had to say for a day. I was told i am serverly allergic to wasps but they never prescribed an EpiPen. so the past few days leaving my house there has been a bunch ( like 20-50 at any given time) of red wasps flying around my house. I noticed that today that there was about 100 flying in and out of my attic. so if i get stung what should i do to help keep me alive till i get to the ER. i don't have money to go to the doctor nor do i have insurance. I am full time student.  and anyone know of how to make them leave with out actually getting near them. can't afford pest control people.