I hired my handyman to cut entirely 8 or large 30 years old fruit trees, like pear, fig, Fuji apple etc. last week. After cutting, I blame my self supposing not cut them and am suffering a lot regret to cut them. My hose is a single family one floor home closing to river. During last 30 years, there are big size of fruit rates entering into attic which I used rate click to kill about 10 15 years ago and hired a handyman to seal hole around my house. No matter how to seal the holes, rates are still entering into attic and it sound all neighbor's rates are entering into the attic. In the past one year and half years, I have found dead big rates on the back yard every 2 or 3 weeks. it is like neighbor use bait to control rates but I do not know why rates entered my back yard to die?  I hired a company to remove all old fiberglass insulation with very strong rates urine smells and dropping every where on the attic and install new lose celliouise because I thing its acid may stop rates to enter. I heard rates running noise above attic while i am lie on the bed early morning. This is main reasons I want to remove all fruit trees which attract all neighbor's rated entering into attic.  There is no way to seal hole around house.  I think all holes are being sealed, but rates can still enter into attic. There are few small fruit trees on back yard and 3 large fruit trees on front yard I plan to remove too.  Then I will ask my handyman to seal all holes he will find and use two rate bait stations on back yard and one bait station on front yard.

Do I do the correct decision to cut out all of fruit trees around my house so rates will not be attracted by fruit trees to enter my attic for nests?