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wat is moloseum contagios


Molluscum Contagiosum is a virus that causes skin symptoms and is transmitted and spread by physical contact-skin to skin.
You will probably develop these small, skin colored bumps or lesions that may resemble pimple, on the area that touched the infected skin. You may get it by sharing contaminated towels, clots and gym equipment.
If left untreated, molluscum would eventually disappear on their own but it may take from 6 months up to 5 years to disappear completely. Scarring may occur, particularly if the lesions become infected.

If you have developed these lesions you may deside to get rid of them by freezing, scraping, electrosurgery, laser cautery, or certain chemical agents but you can not clear the virus. However, body may become immune to the lesions.

When molluscum contagious is found in adults, the transmission was most likely sexual.
If you have developed this skin disease, it would be wise to refrain from sex, so you wouldn’t pass it to anybody else.