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I know that losing weight can result in breasts sagging.

But what I'm wondering is...

Does it vary person to person?
Does it vary depending on initial breast size and shape?

I'm 20 and 145 pounds. My breasts are usually 34B or a small 34C, depending on the bra. I want to lose about 20 to 25 pounds and am a bit concerned...

Can anyone provide insight?

Also, will using a firming moisturizer ("Nivea body firming lotion with Q10") while in the weight loss process maybe help to keep breasts firm as they adjust to the weight loss?

Any help is appreciated!


Saggy breasts usually won't occur unless there is a substantial amount of weight loss, say fifty plus or over a hundred pounds. With 20 you should be just fine. There is a great exercise called the pec flye that helps a great deal in firming up the muscles beneath the breast. This is a great exercise for women who want to add more lift to sagging breast and even for women who want to make their breast look bigger. You might post a question on the weight training or weight loss and exercise forum for better results in advice!