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It is known that in the never ending battle with cellulite weight loss plays an important role. However, new studies show that weight loss could actually lead to cellulite or worsen the condition in some people. Cellulite forms when fat, fluids and toxins get trapped beneath the skin and the bands of fibrous tissue that connect muscles to skin and the fat gets compressed. This creates the so called dimpling effect.

Twenty nine women took part in a medically supervised weight loss program. The regimen included low-fat meals and the extreme measure of bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass and gastric banding. Fifty eight percent of the women had success and saw an improvement with the cellulite but the other thirty one percent was not as lucky and saw deterioration in their condition.

Those women who were obese and who had severe cellulite looked much better after loosing extra fat. On the other hand, women who were slightly overweight and who lost some pounds have developed cellulite or it got worse as their skin loosened up.

The researchers report that although weight loss may help in dealing with the cellulite, it cannot eradicate the problem. There is no permanent cure for cellulite at the moment. Loosing weight can help though as the dimpling features (cellulite) lessen in depth.

So far, exercise and drinking a lot of water helped in the fight against cellulite.


Yeah, regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and regular massage in the area can do wonders.


Do massage daily.
You should do exercise at least 45 minutes.
Eating a healthy diet is very important for your Skin.

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