Hello everyone, well I am thinking about breast augmentation, well my breast are small and looks saggy. I am not at all happy with them and I looking for a safe operation about breast augmentation. I am also looking for the best doctor because I am scared about this operation and I want everything to go on well. As such, I have already decided where to do the operation; I am thinking about JD Healthcare: *** ,they have a Cosmetology & Plastic Surgery Hospital. They offer a lot of Cosmetic Services like:

• Facial surgery for removal of sagging skin
• Lifting Sagging eyebrows
• Lip reduction
• Rhinoplasty (Correcting deformities of the nose)
• Pin back Otoplasty (pinning back protruding ears).
• Surgical rectification of Male baldness
• Breast Surgeries including Mastopexy, Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction, Correction of enlarged male breasts etc.
• Body Contouring Surgery procedures (Liposuction and Fat Fill Abdominoplasty) to remove, excess fat from the abdomen, waist etc.

The Breast Augmentation will estimate cost is US $1600 and I don’t find it costly at all because they have a team of skilled surgeons for aesthetic surgery who practice the latest techniques in the field. I would just like to have some feedback from people who have already done breast augmentation to know if they are satisfied with their decision or if they regret it. I am just being a little scared about the step that I am about to take.

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