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Hey everyone.

My Hope is really nice. She is getting bigger every day. But I have noticed that she is a little bit nervous lately – I think that you know what I mean.

She is trying to run from my house. I really don’t want her to be pregnant so I am seriously thinking to spay her.

I will consult my vet tomorrow about this issue.

Can you tell me what are the benefits of spaying a cat?

I have heard that there are a lot of them but I don’t know what they are.

Should I do this, should I spay my Hope?


Hello. Spayed females are usually happier and they will be safe from some disease.  The main benefits are that your cat will not suffer from pyometra, ovarian cancer, cysts and infections. Ovarian cancer is really common disease when cat is not spayed. Uterine cancer is also possible if you don’t spay your cat, especially if your cat is older. Spaying your cat will also prevent breast cancer and tumors, tumors of reproductive system, mammary cancer, mastitis, false pregnancies and certain skin conditions. It will also prevent hair loss. Numerous of benefits are there if you spay your cat. I don’t want to mention unwanted pregnancy.





The most important thing is that spaying a cat eliminates pregnancy. It eliminates this bloody discharge of female cat in heat. Spying is also good because it eliminates ugly behavior of the cats. Sometimes when they are in heat they literally crying in pain and they can urinate all around your house.

Did you know that spaying also eliminates the development of breast cancer later in life? Well it does.

My cat was literally sexually frustrated. I spayed her and nothing happened after.

The main reason is that without estrogen they are not so focused on the reproduction.

Good luck!



Hey guys,

I think that you should spay your Hope. But be advised, we can only share our opinions here, it is up to you to decide whether you want to do it or not.

First of all, spaying your Hope means: no puppies. It means no periods and your cat won’t get all crazy at this time.

Secondly, spaying your cat actually endures her life. That’s what the vets say.

And lastly, it is going to make your cat less vulnerable to a big number of diseases.

It would have been best if you spayed her before her first heat. But now, if you want to do it, you need to wait until the heat passes.



Hey everyone,

I see that you are all for DS991 to spay her Hope but I got to say that I’m not so positive about that.

There are as many bad sides as the good ones. Do you all know about this, or have you just looked at the good sides?

Your cat is going to become more aggressive if you spay her. Even though she is going to be less vulnerable to some disease, she is going to be more vulnerable to other diseases. You have a balance there.

I have also read that she doesn’t live longer like you said above Dalmatian lover: she lives 2 or more years shorter than she would if she didn’t get spayed.



Hi everybody,

I gotta say that I’m on Ruby’s side here. Did you all even check out the bad sides of spaying? I know that we are talking about benefits, but she needs to know all if she is going to spay her cat.

Do you know that you can kill her will for living? If this happens, it is irreversible and there is no cure for the loss of will.

You are going to make her vulnerable to a lot more disease than she would be without spaying.

And as Ruby said, you are going to shorten her life.

I always say this, put yourself in her shoes. Do you wanna be spayed?



Hello all of you.
I have a cat, she is 5 years old and so far she was giving a birth to adorable kittens for three times. I never spayed her and I don’t want to do this?
Why? Because I believe that every kitten can have his own place to live, his owner who is going to love him so much. I am not so sure that you all are telling the true. I believe that there no are benefits of spaying a cat, I think that there could be just some complications that can lead to some dangerous stage.
My opinion. Do what you think that is best for your cat.


Well dear guest, I have to tell you that I totally disagree with your comment. Actually your comment is a little bit silly. You don’t want to spay your cat because you think that every kitten has a chance to get a home….??? Really? REALLY? OMG..


OK, I will go back to topic.

This is really great solution when you don’t want your cat to have her babies. It is good because you should just think about all those abandoned kittens.

Beside this there are so many reasons why you should do this.

Enough is to tell that somewhere in USA most cats are spayed between 5 and 8 months of age.