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i noticed when i went to the bathroom this morning my urine was a shade ofgreen, any reason, should i be very concerned


Green urine color is most likely caused by foods you have eaten lately or medications you are taking.

Foods can cause a green urine color. For example, Asparagus is known to cause a darker yellow urine color or a green urine color. Artificial food coloring can also be the culprit of green urine.

Medications and drugs can cause your urine to turn green, since many of these contain dyes. Some medications, can also have a side effect of changing your urine color.

You need to ask yourself if it is really green urine, or could it be a blue urine color?

Rinsapin is an antibiotic that can cause a green urine or blue urine color.
Any other medication that uses a green dye in the medicine can cause a green urine color.

There are no known diseases that would cause a green urine color, however bile and diarrhea can cause a greenish tint to your urine. If you don't have a situation producing bile or diarreha, then your green uring is most likely related to something you have ingested.