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I have a few patches of rashes on my inner thighs. They are itchy, pink patches that have a few bumps on them and feel like dry skin. They itch like crazy. I use to get them from going in the Jacuzzi, so I thought they were from chlorine, maybe fungal, but I haven't been in a spa in months. Then I got it again and my Doctor said it was from taking hot showers so I've been taking cooler showers which I don't mind because one of my medications I started taking a few months ago makes me sweat and get really hot, and no it's not from my meds because I just started them a few months back and Ive been getting these rashes way before, and now I have it again! AHHH! Help, please? I also thought it was heat rash but no heat rash symptom includes a rash that is dry feeling or looking. Ive been through so many sites with so many different rashes and none of them match. Any ideas on what it is and what to put on it asap? It is Saturday night and my Doctor's office is closed of course and during the week they are super booked and about 35min away. Please help?


Hi Kaykay3

Those rashes sure sound annoying. Here are some ideas to start with, but bear in mind that you will need to get a professional diagnosis to know for sure - these are just ideas:

- Fungal infection: These can come and go without apparent reason. A skin scrape pathology test can reveal if this is what it is.

- Bacterial infection, like staph: A skin scrape pathology test will reveal whether this is the cause. This can come and go too, particularly tending to return if you're stressed or run down.

- Psoriasis or eczema - difficult to diagnose yourself. See a skin specialist to get a definitive diagnosis.

See a natural skin specialist if you'd like to explore natural treatments for any of these. But you need to know what you're dealing with first.

Hope this helps - let us know how you go

Regards, Olwen :-)


Surprisingly, it may be a food allergy. Wheat (gluten), milk, soy, etc. See if certain foods cause the rash.