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Do any of you know (or done) any type of form drills? Drills that especially would help improve my stride length (I tend to take short strides) as well as posture. I was thinking of incorporating them into my training for this summer during my interval/stride sessions.
Btw, I incorporated strength training into my training plan as well..that might also help contribute to a better running form and posture. Thanks!


I've done a thing were I take strips of flat foam and spread them out on the ground like | | | | | |. I'll put enough distance between them that as I keep my normal stride, my feet fall between the foam strips.

Then I run through a few times and then spread them apart. As you get further apart, you need to think lift and glide to the next.

You actually don't even need foam strips for this. I'll do it when I run on the sidewalk. Just focus on landing one foot between each crack in the concrete. If one is not possible, do 2 steps on a piece of sidewalk, then 1 step.


Some of the world class people I know have said that just doing a few fartlek type bursts of speed in the middle or at the end of your runs will help. About 100-150 meters in length. They also strongly suggest hill repeats... and say that you should start on a flat area first to build up some speed before you hit the hill.

I don't do any of these things. Just passing on info that I've heard.


Tim try and have someone on hand who can check that your doing the drills correctly. If thats not possible never mind, you have everything to to gain and little to loose by trying out some of these drills by yourself.

Funny how everyone agree's you should take swimming lessons to improve your technique, but when it comes to running the majority of runners think because they can put one foot in front of the other, thats good enough

Remember the basics Chest out
Abdomen in
Buttocks in
Back straight
Shoulders down.

Here are just a few drills (pm me if you need a better description)

1.Marching: Emphisis on high knee lift
2.Bent leg goose step: Swing from hip
3."A" drill: March with a skip
4."B" drill: Same as 1 and 3 with knee up-out and back with a skip
5. Impulse skipping: Jog knee pick up
6: Ankle rolling: Heel-toe
7.Stiff leg run: Stiff leg-ankle flick
8. Arm rotations While sitting. Right angle @ elbow.

Thats just a few, I can rattle off at least a dozen more but have a go at these. Do them before your main running session (technique only while your fresh)
Don't over do it , go forward gradually.

To increase your stride,you might like to try a bounding drill (more a pylometric drill) over say 30m. I would suggest 8 reps. and gradually build up over the weeks.

Just anothe whim of mine, keep off the track. Race on the track, a time trail on the track when needed but stick to grass or natural surfaces, your body will last a lot longer for it.