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Hello there,

I was wondering, what do you think about Marilu Henner's show? Can I learn some good and educational things in this show? Where can I watch it? Does she bring some guest in that show who would tell us something nice, some experience with her diet program?

I have so many questions. :)

I was thinking about to pay some membership on her website, but I don't know if that is too much. :)

I am so interested in her diet program, and I have heard that her show is great! Can I watch it online?

Please, let me know.



Hello Darla,

I was watching her show yesterday on the internet. This is a fabulous woman I have to admit.

Her voice is so calming and you wish to talk to her personal, to tell her all your problems about weight, food, even about social life. Unbelievable if you ask me :)

So, yes you can watch her show online. I think it would be a little too much if you pay to be a member on her official website, because, if I get you wrong, you did not even stat to follow this diet. Take slow steps, that is the only way!

Good luck and tell us how are the things!