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Hey there,

So today my friend from work told me that she is following eat to live diet plan by dr Fuhrman. She is really satisfied with it. I know that she is vegan, she was always following low calorie diet, and she told me that eat to live diet plan by dr Fuhrman is one of them.

So, tell me what do you think about this diet program? What are the main principles of it? Did you like it, and did you like it?

I have so many question about it, she told me her side, now I want to hear some other things :)

Thank you! 



This is typical American diet program. If you follow Dr Fuhrman diet program, nutrition program, you will finally lose the weight that you have tried to lose so hard for a long time. But, according to him, what is more important, you will become healthier than ever before. You will be able to eat until you are satisfied, that is the main thing in this diet program – eat healthy as much as you can. You will feel great, you will look great, and you will be healthy.

Now, you asked us what we think about this diet program. Well, I don’t like it because I am not a vegan, even if I love some low calorie diet programs, but I just can’t imagine my days without fish.

My opinion, but do whatever you want to do.




Good day,

This diet plan, as far as I know, is totally focused on cleaning your organism. But, you need to eat like vegetarian. If you think that you can do that, and you need to know that you need to eat raw vegetables, you can try this diet program. But, I must warn you – it is difficult. I have tried it, I tried this eat to live diet plan by dr Fuhrman, and I must say that I failed :) It was so hard for me to eat ray potatoes, beans, etc. You can cook some of them as well. I think that you know what I mean.

Now, you can’t eat dairy products, animal products, fruit juice, processed foods, snacks between meals, etc.

You need to try so hard in this diet program, but if you got this whole idea, then you will see the progress. Good luck!