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Hey people,

I was reading about this Carb lover’s diet over and over again. It is totally fine, it is OK, but now I am a little bit confused about certain things in this diet program.

I don’t know can you eat the carbs you love by following Carb lover’s diet and still lose your weight? Do you know more about this issue?

My sister is 16 and she loves all carbs, and she has heard about this diet program. Since that she is kind of obsessed with this diet program but she wants to eat her carbs :)

Is that even possible?

Let me know.

Thank you! 


Hey there,

I am not so sure about this. I mean, when you want to follow some diet program and when you want to lose your weight because of it, you need to follow exactly what authors of this diet program are saying to you. You need to follow every single step of it, without any exceptions.

So, I am pretty sure that you can find some online literature about this diet program, that can help you, or your sister, it doesn’t matter.

Trust me, that is the only way because I was experimenting with some diet programs for long, long time

Have a nice day! 



Hi darling,

That was the same thing that I was thinking. I have tried to explain this to her, but she was so hard head at this moment. So, I told her that I am going to ask someone who has a little bit more experience than us.

Now, I am sure that I am going to tell her this and that I will be able to help her, and when I say help her, I mean in recipes and cooking, etc. Because, I really love to do that.

Thank you once again. I will inform her. Have a nice day!