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Hello everyone

I want to get more information about T-tap by Teresa Tapp and her book “Fit and fabulous in 15 minutes”. That’s because I want to help my friend from work to lose weight. I have found some articles about this exercise program and I liked it. To be honest, I have some extra pounds too so this program could be useful for me too. :D

Anyway, do you know is it necessary to buy a DVD with all those exercises or I can get it some other way? (I would prefer some free way :D ).

Do you know can I find those videos on you tube?


Hello there SabrinaD. I think this exercise plan will help you and your friend to lose weight. I think this plan is made especially for those who are overweight and want to lose their extra pounds quickly. But, in case you didn’t know this program can be helpful not only in weight loss. T-Tapp improves regularity and digestion, T-Tapp reduces shoulder tension, T-Tapp relieves bloating, T-Tapp supports healthy blood sugar balance and also detoxifies your whole body.

As to your question about getting T-tapp videos for free, YES- you can find a lot of them on you tube. I even think there is a special canal on you tube about T-tapp exercises.



Thank you so much. I also believe it will help both of us to lose weight. We just need to be persistent.

I told her that there are some workouts uploaded on you tube. She said she will try to download them. I typed in ‘’T tap workout’’ on you tube last night and it showed me several videos. I didn’t get the chance to watch them yet, but that’s probably it.

I can’t wait to start exercising. I love Teresa so much, she is such a beautiful woman. I would give anything to look like her when I am her age.

Thanks again for your answer.