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OK, I know that we talked about this Marilu Henner's diet, but I was wondering how does actually this diet work?

I know a lot about it, what plans I need to follow to make it work, but I don't see that anyone in here wrote about this question.

What are the fundamental principles of Marilu Henner's diet? What do we need to avoid? Do I need to count my calories and combine food at some special ways?

What are the benefits of this diet? Tell me some tips that we all should know if we decide one day to follow it.




this diet works if you stick to it, and that is matters. It works very simple – follow the plan and you will see results in just one month, trust me.

Like every healthy diet, this one has a tons of benefits. First, it is so healthy that you can get rid of candida and other similar diseases. This diet program will speed up your metabolism as well. Your skin will be better than usually. The most important thing is that this diet program will change your view on the foods.

Trust me, there is no chance the results will miss if you follow these steps. 



Hi there,

thank you for your opinion . I think that I know a lot of new things right now :) This diet is not for me actually, it is for my friend, so I will tell her everything that I know. I also have heard all positive things about this lady, she really amazed me with all her thoughts, recipes – she is just great!

It is great that this diet can actually boost up your metabolism, that is one more thing that everyone should like about this diet :) I am happy about it. Who knows, maybe I will try to stick to it one day :)

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