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I've gotten to the point where I think I need to take my swimming up a notch.

My current plan has me doing @ 1500 yards of drills. About once every few weeks I just swim a straight distance. I only swim about 2 days a week (I was doing 3 days for a couple of months this summer).

But I'm thinking I should adjust my training to be more like this pattern:

Day 1 = Speedwork! Basically just some drills where I focus on speed, but not do a lot of distance.
Day 2 = More drills, but not necessarily speedwork, more focus on stroke and feel, but the distance is increased from Day 1
Day 3 = Distance day! Put everything together for improved endurance.

Does this sound like a good strategy?


disclaimer: its been ~9-10 years since I was on a swim team, listen to Bob and Sheldon, not me That looks like a good plan to me...makes sense. If my memory serves, this was very much how our practices were set up, one sprint day, one distance day and 3 days of filler/drills. What are your average warm up and cool downs? Taking what you've given us distance and training goals wise and combining it with the little I remember from high school.... Day 1 I would do 500 warm up, 8-12 50 sprints, 300 cool down Day 2 500 warm up, 10 100 repeats (change up stroke as you normall would, ie every 3rd 100 is breast stroke, etc) 1 400 4 25 sprints 300 cool down Day 3 distance...1000? 1500?



That sounds pretty good.

I would do some drills during warm up on all your swim days. Most of your distance days I would start with 200's with 20 seconds rest. As your overall distance goes up, you can increase this to 250, 300 etc. Then once in a while do it straight through.