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I had the EWCM and the following day after the peak dried up completely. that dryness only lasted a day, now I have thin, stretchy (but not as stretchy as EWCM...this stuff breaks after about 0.5cm) mucus it is almost completely clear. yesterday I also had 3 small dots of brown in the cervical mucus when i wiped. I'm only 4dpo. What do you think?


Well I think there is no need for you to be worried if you are. EWCM is a type of cervical fluid which is produced right before ovulation. It is called EWCM because it strongly resembles raw egg white. It is clear or streaked and is very stretchy and sometimes it can be watery. Since you have already checked for the appearance of EWCM and you are familiar how it should look like and that women in their twenties typically have more days of EWCM than woman in their thirties. 

How old are you and for how long have you been trying to conceive?

Since mucus is necessary for conception you should try to increase the amount you have at the moment. If you smoke you should stop and cut back on caffeine. Drinking lots of water may help as well and this is good for your whole body as well.