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1what do you do when your being eatn out

2 how does it feel

3 what turns him off the most while he would be eatn you out :$


dont feel embarrassed, but from the sounds of your questions it sounds like you probably still should be enjoying your youth.. but every guy is different so what turns him on won't turn on the next. it's an indescribable sensation but i assure you it doesn't hurt and btw do be very careful being sexually active. there are a lot of stds out there you never think could get to you but 85 percent of the population has herpes in one form or another; whether it is HSV 1 (cold sore on the mouth) or HSV 2 (genital)..among other stds. i was not promiscuous but am scarred with both for the rest of my natural life. oral sex is just as dangerous...warts, herpes, hiv, syphillis, hpv (warts is a form of this virus); these are a few of the more common stds (viruses) circulating as silent killers. if i had to suggest anything i would definitely advise you to not engage in such behavior; especially seemingly you're so young. i once had the clap as well..which is mostly accompanied by chlamydia (which makes you unable to have children if left untreated) you never think it will happen to you, but you can never be too sure. it's devastating and it definitely was an eye opener for me. sex seems to be everywhere but the ugly truth trails closely behind, so just be careful and possibly go to the clinic with your bf first to get std checks before engaging (you have to ask specifically for herpes tests and hpv.) Be careful honey


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When I was 19 I had a girl who couldn't get enough of that wonderful pleasure. She would hold my face against her for hours at a time. She said the only reason guys have ears is so girls will have handles to grab on to to hold them in there. She said we certainly don't use them to listen to girls with.

1) grab him by the ears and hang on tight

2) Apparently it feel wonderful

3) Nothing ever turned me off I loved doing it for her, even during her period.