For 1.5 years I have had been complaining about extreme heavyness in my legs, pain in myshins like someone is tying rope around them tingling at the shins and down. I am a gastric bypass patient and am 5 years after surgery now too. I have been recently diagnosed with a severe iron deficiency to which I had IV iron about 6-7 months ago. They also said I had Epstein -Barr Syndrome. Supposidly my most recent blood came up in normal ranges. I am 56. To add to it all I have complained of difficulty calling up memory. It takes time to process and recall. Ultimately I do but it is frustrating. I see an female endrocrinologist who keeps in check with nutrients as I also have severe vitamin D issues. She has sent me to heart specialists who insist my heart is in perfect shape. Yet I always feel wiped out. I see a psychiatrist and take anti depressents which I am not sure about.
I feel exhausted and wiped out 24-7. Yet each Dr. diagnoses for their own particular specialty not the whole picture. As a result I am trying to be my own advocate. Between medical mysteries on T.V., constantly asking questions, running from Hemotologist, Endrochrinologist, Heart Drs, Psychiatrists I am no closer to an answer. I recently heard about PAD. I would have thought the Heart Dr. would have done a test for it am I wrong? Do I see a neurologist or a vascular for this?
Desperate to feel better