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I went to the dr. , but he forgot to tell me what sort of foods to eat . or not to. could you give me some advice?


How can you leave a hospital without these information?

What you should do is make smaller meals and cut down on fats as this will also cut down the need for many digestive enzymes.

To reduce the risks of getting pancreatitis you should avoid alcohol because alcohol leads to chronic pancreatitis and may aggravate acute pancreatitis; quit smoking.

Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein, and limits fats because they raise blood-fat levels and increase your risk of gallstones, which pose risk for pancreatitis.

So, you should eat:

low-fat diet of about 30 grams of fat
foods high in carbohydrates and protein to decrease the work load of your pancreas
smaller meals instead of big ones that worse the symptoms

and avoid:
concentrated sweets

caffeine and spicy and gas-forming foods that stimulate pancreas

alcohol and nicotine

Also, there are some herbs thought to be helpful in treating pancreatic disorders but it would be good if you could find a skilled herbalist to help you with these. If not, make sure you consult your doctor about certain herbs.

Here is what I found to be helpful: Emblica officinalis- Indian gooseberry from Ayurvedic medicine.

The following are Chinese medicines used by both Western and Ayurvedic medicine for treating gastrointestinal disorders: Licorice root, Ginger root, Asian ginseng, Peony root, and Cinnamon Chinese bark.