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My son, 9 months old, developed "clustered" little blisters on his hands just while we were on holiday at the sea. I have tried to identify this and the closest picture I can get is the Herpes simplex virus However the HSV-1 virus in all instances on the web is not located on the hands. Can anyone help me identify this, I dont know if it is dangerous and I dont know what to do about it. Please help
Tanya Malan

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Have you ever heard of hand, foot and mouth disease? This allows blisters or sores to show up on the baby's hands, the bottoms of the feet and on the inside of their mouths.
Is he having a hard time sucking or eating, kind of like something hurts in his mouth? He would also run a temp with lethargy.
Or....he may have picked something up (in his hands) while on holiday. I would check with his Pedi.