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Hey friends.

How are you? I have problem with my cat. To cut long story short, I have seven cats, and my new cat, it was a gift from my brother – no reason gift :)

But, she is very weird lately.

She was:

- Playful

- Happy,

- She was eating,

- She was healthy.

Now, she is:

  • Tired,
  • Vomiting,
  • She is feeling sick
  • And she doesn’t want to play.

I was googling those sings, and I have read that those signs can be signs of epilepsy. So, I went to see my vet as soon as possible I could.  

Unfortunately, after he did some analyses, he told me that my dog is definitely having an epilepsy. I am really sad.

Can you tell me, is there any diet for cat diagnosed with epilepsy? 


Hey there.

I am really sorry to her this. Having a cat with epilepsy is not easy job at all. You really need to observe your cat all the time, and sometimes, this is really, really hard.

But, I honestly hope that everything will be OK with your cat.

I am not so sure about diet programs, but one of my friend told me that you should forbid your cat to eat meat.

She told me that her cat had epilepsy as well, and that someone told her that she should avoid meat.

So, she did it, and she told me that this was helpful.

I don’t know is this true….Do you? 



Hey. I am sorry about your cat. But, don’t worry, your cat can still live like other cats, that are perfectly healthy. All you need to do is to change her menu. A lot of vets will tell you that the only way to cure this is to give her some medicine. But, that is not true! With good diet program, you can do everything. I have heard that grain – free diet is good for cats with epilepsy. You can try dry food as well. About meat, I haven’t heard that you should stop giving it to your cat. Research about this a little bit more. 




I am so sorry to hear this about your cat.

I know what you are going through.

My cat had epilepsy as well, and this was the worst time of my life, ever.

She started to have seizures and I brought my little Paris to the vet.

A lot of test, a lot of trouble – and she was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Vet gave me some pills, and since then, I am using them.

Also, he told me that I should try grain free food for my Paris.

I hope that this will be miracle that can help her.

Can you tell me – do you give omega oils to your cat if she is diagnosed with epilepsy? Any human food?





I know how hard can be when you have a cat with epilepsy. Not from my own experience, tnx God, but from my mom’s experience :/

This cat was so lovely, but I have to tell you that her life was never the same after she was diagnosed with epilepsy.


She was eating a lot of different things from the yard, whenever she had a chance. I just don’t want to tell you how many times she went to the vet because of it.

I want to say that you need to be very careful when it comes to epilepsy…





It is not nice experience, it is not pleasant at all. I mean, you really need to be careful, there are a lot of things that she can get from the outside, and this is not nice at all.


About your question, I definitely do agree that grain free diet is the best option. It is healthy solution to feed your cat.

Nutritionally, the most important thing of this food is that provides complete and balanced nutrition as well. If this food consist specific nutrients.

Of course, whenever you want to try some diet program, consult your vet immediately. 




I don’t have too much experience with animals.

But, I know that my friend has a cat with epilepsy.

I remember that this was so hard for her, for so many reasons.

My friends didn’t feed her cat with meat, I remember that perfectly, but she was feeding her with some meals, actually, I think that she told me that she was feeding her cat with balanced diet program.

I have heard that coconut oil can help during this process, but sincerely, I don’t know how.

You can listen to my advice – a cat that is having epilepsy should be fed with a balanced diet program that supplies adequate taurine. 



Hey. I was talking with my uncle about this situation today. He had similar problem a couple of years ago, so he knows what he is talking about.

He told me that vets are not sure sometimes what diet program is the best for cats in this case. They will suggest you tests and tests. Well, his vet told him to put his cat on low –protein diet program.

He started to feed her with this diet program, but it didn’t helped him – at all.

Some older lady suggested him to try raw diet program, so he did it.

And, guess what, cat was feeling much better.