I am basically starting from scratch, fitness-wise with the intent to run a half-marathon in the future (not necessarily in the very near future by any means) I have no intention of doing TMTS, and am motivated to do this right. To this end I had a few questions I was unable to answer myself: What would be a proper training regimen/guide for someone like myself, who is, quite honestly, in bad shape? What are the best supplements to take on such a training regimen? Both nutrient/powder/etc + brand? What are some excellent stretch routines? What are the benefits and applications of Foam Rolling? What is a good/affordable brand/model of heart monitor? Where might protein supplements come into play for someone like myself who will need to rebuild leg and core muscle growth while training my heart during said regimen? How do I know if my stance/posture is inadequate while running? What are some good guides on the best foods to eat, and/or diets for runners with such ambitions? What gear should I look into besides a pair or two of good running shoes and a heart monitor? What kind of pace should I be looking to hit as I train?