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Hello! My son spends too much time using his computer. I really tried everything I could to reduce his time playing computer games and surfing through the internet but with no results. Since all my efforts showed no results I decided to find the way to protect his eyes. I told him he had to walk away from his computer every hour to rest his eyes for few minutes and I was thinking about purchasing a better quality screen. Would an lcd screen help reduce the eye strain?


Hello! Glare is a large contributor to eye strain. It would be good to purchase LCD monitor or any flat screen monitor that will help reduce glare, or you can purchase an anti-glare screen to go over your regular computer monitor. LCD monitor should be adjustable so you can easily adjust your monitor precisely so you do not need to tilt your neck at an odd angle throughout the day which can cause headache and fatigue. Good lighting is also important; make sure the light from windows or lamps is not reflecting off your monitor.


nothing can help eye strain since its the brain who suffer not the eye.
our brain doesnt like anything that is not natural and it rejects it in many ways.

the only solution will be when screens will be as natural as a picture on the wall and i dont see that comming very soon. (geees)

also computer f**ks your mind so you cannot make right deccision
and thats what your son any so many other people suffer from.

he is an addict same way as any other addiction
and cannot help him self.

good luck