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hi i dont no if im in the right place to ask this question but everybody seems to give good answers so i thought i would give it a shot.

i have a slight problem hopeing someone could help me.

me and my girl freind are still in school but we love each other very much and would like to be together forever. she doesnt know im on here. we went on a skiing trip with the school and i slept with her evreynight, and on the last night i got cought. then the teachers told mine n hers parents. my parents dont mind but hers do. they now dont want us to be together. they think weve broke up but weve been going out behind there backs. her parents done the same to my girl freinds sister, weve been seeing each other beind her parents back for a months now. i was wondering if anyone had any advice of what i could ask her to say or me myself to say, or just any advive what so ever. ild been very greatfull

thanks alot


Hmm, it is a though question. Maybe you two should make an agreement and talk together with her parents, make them understand, instead of sneaking. This will certainly ruin their trust.

Maybe you should tell them that you are in love but that you don't plan to have sex yet and that you just like spending time together. Then ask them about their first experience, when did they first fall in love, make them remember and ask them why they mind so much for you two to spend time together.

I think that a sincere approach might work with strict parents but I can't say I'm 100% positive.