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Hi Guys,

Are any of you planning on training for a triathlon this year? I have been entered into the Windsor Tri in May and so have been starting to increase the amount of swimming and cycling that I do but at the slight expense of my running. Is this a problem do you think? Will my running suffer as a result of all this extra cycling and swimming or will triathlon fitness directly translate over into running fitness?

Thanks in advance


I am a long time runner. I cannot remember not running. However, I moved to tris a while ago, then left tri to just cycle (more my calling than any other sport). I went back to tri, now back to running exclusively. I am a far stronger runner now than I have ever been. Changing things up is a good thing. Exercise is all about doing something different to your body so it can adapt. As long as you keep some running in your fitness will increase with swimming and cycling. But your running will maintain. If you want to go back to running, you will be stronger for it.

I have done 5ks to marathons. I have done sprint tris to a couple of Ironmans. Now I just focus on ultrarunning. I change things up to keep it fun and interesting. If you find it fun, you should do it.

Go run, bike, and swim. And remember to be grateful that you can.