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Hi everybody, I was wondering What's the average HbA1c result in the U.S.? I just got back from my doctor and he took blood for my HbA1c. I know that these tests can vary but I would like to see how I fair with diabetics across America. I'm wondering if the diabetes managers have some idea what levels are reasonable to achieve based on what patients do. My diabetes manager mentioned about achieving 7.5 and even below but I don't really know what that means relative to so called normal. In some of the forums I have found people up as high 10 and beyond. Wow, what does it mean? If anyone can help me understand this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hello, Before I get to the averages, I wanted to mention another unit used by some doctors. HbA1c numbers can be expressed in eAG units. The eAG units are recommended by the ADA because HbA1c results can be presented in units that you have on you home monitoring system. To get an idea of how this works do a search on the Internet for “A1c and eAG conversion chart”. The chart works as follows: if you have HbA1c number of 6 percent (this is your average for past 2-3 months) that means your average in mg/dL is 126 (126 mg/dL). I believe that may have more meaning for you.


The normal range for a nondiabetic is somewhere between 5.5 and 9 percent of total hemoglobin that is glycated. This turns out to be about 5 percent with measuring HbA1c. If you have you diabetes under control, you can achieve the nondiabetic normal range. According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, if you have diabetes you should shoot for 6.5 percent or lower. The ADA suggests that you stay under 7 percent nevertheless your doctor will base your levels on your particular needs. Hope this helps and when you have chance go out to the A1c and eAG conversion chart and take a look. Best of luck to you on your HbA1c reading.