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so i had sex with my boyfriend but he never ejaculate in me..i was on my last days of my period(light days) and i wanted to know if i can get pregnant with the precum.
We later did it like two weeks after my period and i wanted to know if i also have chance of getting pregnant with precum

and everytime we had sex he said he clean himself the precum and when he wanted to ejaculate he would go to the restroom and pee and clean himself and then we would do it again..

im irregular
just if it helps on something
i just have my period on different days
like one week before the last one or one
week after

my cycle is
Average Cycle Length 27 days
Shortest Cycle Length 25 days
Longest Cycle Length 28 days


It's definitely possible to get pregnant with precum.

During/just before/just after your period is a very unlikely time to get pregnant, but it is still possible.

Two weeks after the end of your period is a highly likely time to get pregnant, as most women ovulate about 14 days after the first day of their period. If you are irregular, that's even more of a reason for you to use protection, as you don't know WHEN you will be ovulating. However, if you are averaging 27 days for your cycle, one to two days on either side of that is still considered REGULAR.

He can't cleanse himself of precum. It happens (usually) inside of you during intercourse, and BEFORE ejaculation.