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For everyone that asks about 'wight loss pills'..'miracle diets'...and 'guarenteed rapid weight loss'....this is the real secret........


Infact, its no secret at all...this is all it really takes. The time is directly related to ones individual body. Some people lose faster than others, some lose more than others...thats jsut the way it goes. I don't believe anything else works....people can go on about how "it really really works, it worked for me"....did it though? Or was it jsut your mind telling you 'they told you it works, so it must work' . It works becasue you believe it can work, and thus jsut empowers you to subconciously try harder.
I've tried many different techniques...becasue i thought the'd really work. Not the case. There are natural substances I'm sure that AID in the wight loss process, i dont doubt that. However I do not believe in the miracle pill that makes you lose a pound a day.....lets face reality here...that is unhealthy weightloss, and you'll just gain it back in no time.
most people dread exercise becasue it feels like 'work'. But doesnt that also make you say "wow, i've worked hard to be healthy, i deserve this!"

hahaha, maybe I should take my own advice eh? Anyway, questions, opinions etc...always welcome and encouraged!!!


Hey CmB,

Gotta agree with you here, it really makes me sick to the stomach when I see how many people flock to diet pills, fad diets and other weight loss gimmicks!

Like I said on another forum, the best way to drop the fat and keep it off is to make lifestyle changes, replacing old negative habits with new positive habits, especially in terms of being physically active, in addition to eating healthy and regular meals. If you do this, the chances of you ever turning the clock back and regaining the lost weight is very small.

Sure, there are things which can help you lose weight, but you still gotta put the work in yourself if you want to achieve the body you desire.



Thanks for your thoughts Joseph! Thats definitely what I am thinking. I wont lie...i've been tempted by these "products" that are show on TV or other advertising....because you think 'just maybe'. Its a problem I think our society has, not being able to recognize false from reality. Because we want to lose weight, but dont want to make the effort.

And you're right, it is a lifestyle change....i dont think most people see it that way...they see it as "losing weight" and thats it. By making a lifestyle change, you're losing weight, yes...but you're also bettering yourself in other physical ways, as well as emotional. You become a healthy person all around.

Lets face it, you can 'look good' but still be quite unhealthy. Thanks again Joseph, your reply is appreciated!