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Hello guys,

can you tell me where to find chia seeds for Aztec diet? I have heard about this diet, but I was thinking that this is just one more low carb diet, where you need to count your calories. I mean, I believe that you need to count your calories as well if you are following this diet, but I did not have an idea that I need to use chia seeds for this diet?

So, is it hard to find this one on the market? If it is, where I can find it? I really hope that I can find it almost everywhere?

Where do you buy chia seeds?



You are not the only one in this. A lot of people are thinking that this is one more low carb diet, and they have never heard about this chia seeds :)

A few years ago, it was very hard to find them on the market, there were only a few markets where you could buy them. But, now this has changed. You can find chia seeds almost everywhere, especially in these healthy shops. My advice is to go there, and you will find it with any problems. I think you can find it at the bigger supermarkets as well, but in the healthy shops I am sure that you will find it right now.

Good luck



A few years ago, it was really hard to find chia seeds. I remember, I was a girl, and my aunt wanted to follow this diet. She was so unhappy because she could not find chia seeds in the market. I remember that her sister bought chia seeds one day to her and she was extremely happy.

But, now things are changed. Everywhere you can find it, even in the supermarkets or market at your neighborhood. So don't be afraid, you will find chia seeds almost everywhere. True, they are a little bit expensive, but not that much. You should try it.