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I have heard that this Aztec diet has some three main staples. What does that means? Frankly, I don't have a clue about it :) What are staples of this diet?

Do you know more, to share with me?

I could not find almost anything on the internet, so of course, I came here to hear some good advice and things :)

Girls, if you have a clue about this, please let me know. I was thinking that this diet is ok and easy to follow, until I found out about those staples, and I was like - what? :)

Do you know?


I don't have an idea :) But, I have google it and I found something that might be helpful to you. The main staple of this diet was a maize, that is pretty similar  to corn.The old people were ground this maize into flour to make a lot of delicious tortillas. But, the other, most important staples were beans and squash. So, I believe that three main staples of Aztec diet are maize, beans and squash :) Of course, Aztecs were eating a lot more food, such as insects, dogs, snakes, fish. 

But, I really hope so that you were thinking about these three staples of Aztec diet :)

Have a nice evening.




I had this book and I found it really amazing. Dear, I think that those are not the main staples of this diet. I think that we are talking about three main staples or phases to the Aztec diet. Of course, maybe I am wrong, I don't know. 

First one is called the chia challenge. During this challenge, you need to clean your body from bad carbs. I can't tell you how much weight will you lose.

Second one is accelerate, where you start eating healthy foods and this one becomes your normal routine.

Third one will show you how Aztec diet can become your lifestyle.

I think this is what you are looking for.