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What are those white dots in my tonsils? They appear without any other symptom and sometimes come out if I clean my throat, cough or sneeze. They are hard and have a disgusting smell.


Hey there

It seems that you have tonsillitis. My younger sister is facing this condition very often so I know for a fact that one of the symptoms is white spots on your tonsils. This condition is caused by certain type of virus or bacteria. Some other symptoms of tonsillitis are sore throat, which can be mild or more severe.

Swelling of the tonsils is one more symptom but I am sure that you are aware if you are suffering from tonsillitis. The best thing you can do is first to inform your parents and then together with them to visit your family doctor. He will first examine you and determine if you have tonsillitis. If you do he will probably prescribe antibiotics. Be sure to follow instructions when taking them.