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ok well i have a few tiny spots around my penis and yesterday i shaved in the shower with a razor.

ok they are tiny with puss in not painful, none on my penis
know im aware of the itchy irritation and rash but are these puss spots a std that was hiding as i couldnt see them and now i can? or are they a result from shaving the sensitive area, now im hoping the second one but i really ned some top advice on this one, im a bit paranoid at the moment.

if it were an STD it would be herpes right, thats the only one and the other symptoms i dont fit into?

now i havent had sex for a about 2 weeks, so is this a result from that?

any advice is gratefully accpeted thanks for your time.


i never  shave my girl friend , i dodnt  enjoy  shaing  her, but  enjoy licking  her p***y after  shave