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Hey y'all! :wavey: Just wanted to pop in to say hi. :) I've been running for about a year and 4 months, however I've found that I'm starting to burn out from it. Also, my right knee has been bothering me for the last two months - the pain is more on the inside of my knee. Have any of you had to deal with these issues pertaining to running?




How are your shoes? Got a lot of miles on them? My knee problems are often an indicator that its time to go shoe shopping.

As far as burnout goes: Sign up for a race!! Or you could also toss in some cross training. I was kinda starting to burn out on the running thing after a year of it, but then I started swimming/cycling as part of a challenge with a sibling. Change of pace is sometimes a good thing!

Also, jrjo wrote an excellent reply to a question here that I think is worth reading.