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I thought i was the only virgin with an STD alive haha, needless to say, i was very frightened. At age 17 the only sexual activity i ever had was oral. 2 months after my first oral experience i noticed a raised pinkish bump on the shaft of my penis to the side after shaving. Immediately i figured it was razor bump. 2 weeks went by and finally a month. Nothing had changed. By this time the bump was about the size of a pimple. I noticed a tiny dot in the center of the bump.

Month 6: The pimple looking bump was still there, by this time i was freaked out but more embarrassed at what i might have. After 6 months i noticed about 3 other growing dots next to the original bump, i was really freaking out now. One thing is for sure don't google it steady health is far better. Google will only scare you. After google searching a couple time all i got was herpes or something called folliculitis. An infection caused by shaving. WHAT THE HELL? i was stupid. Really scared i had herpes not realizing herpes are painful sores on the penis not pimples. At this point im still clueless about STD's finally have it in me to see a doctor. My family doctor said, "Dont worry you will be fine, its called folliculitis, ill just prescribe you some antibiotics." I wanted to believe him in fear i had something worse. Here i go googleing folliculittis. Description: Skin Infection, raised bumps. Goes away in 2 weeks.. WHAT THE HELL?? im on my 6th month and i still have the original bump i had!

Month 7: The pin head size bumps, glossy white, around the original pimple bump have all grown to about the same pimple size. I had around 6-8. At this point i had enough, i even cried one night thinking i had done something really stupid that night 9 months from that point. My mom cought on to my depression. I was far to scarred to take an STD test altho now i realized its better to be safe then sorry. I consulted my dermatologist instead. Here i am in a room with my female doctor of 1 year and another female intern telling her about my problem real scarred thinking it was herpes. She took a look at it and immediately diagnosed it as Moloscum, She called it an STD even tho it sounded more like an STI. Its an infection on the skin, (not in your blood) that causes raised bumps from 4-6 months, it can be passed by touch and can also be transmitted through sex. The easy way out was Freezing them with nitrous. It didnt hurt much and i highly recommend it. after a week all i had was a tiny skin discoloration. She said i could have gotten it from a pool after i said the only sexual activity i had was oral.

Heres what most people ask on the internet/ my answer:
Moloscum is/are painless raised pimples, usually a glossy white and in my case had a tiny dot looking thing in the center. You can freeze them away altho they can come back. Mine came back twice since about 3 months after my original freeze and a month after that. I havnt had a bump in about 2 months and today marks the one year mark i found the first pimple on me.

What i learned was dont be afraid to see a doctor. I'm sorry my English is not to good, my grammar is worse :P
I hope this helped you.


ouch thats gotta hurt