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I have a question to ask i had bypass surgery Oct.2005 and was wondering when and how can i get back into weight lifting? I used to weight lift until i started to have health problems the last four years. I want to get back into it but am afraid to because i am not sure if sternum is fully healed enough to take that kind of work out. I also have alot of pain in that area if i lean over on a car fender to work on it or i lay down under one to change oil can't do that any more. I am 54 years old 150 lbs and 5'8" slim built and want to get back into training just to keep my muscle tone up. Any help along this line would help. Thank,You


I work out every other day after quad druple bypass. Its been 3 yrs and im 59. Im stronger now than ever. Just push it but listen to your body. Fear makes doubt. Dont let that fool you