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my wife and i have been married for almost 11 years, and the last couple of years i would rate our sex life as frequent and awesome.  she orgasms almost every time we have sex, sometimes multiple times.  i heard about female ejaculation (squirting) a couple years ago and wanted to see if she could do that, but at first she was doubtful and would lose interest quickly.  last night we were having sex, and there was a lot of oral foreplay (more than usual) and we both almost climaxed during that.  when we started having sex, she orgasmed almost immediately, and then whispered in my ear, "put it in my ass".  this got my attention because she hates it and if she lets me do it, it's because i've begged till she gave in.  anyway, i lubed her up real good and started to penetrate her anus.  she stopped me at first because it hurt too much, but after taking it out for a minute, we tried again and she was kind of in to the moment.  i handed her the vibrator and she put it on her clit while i slid in and out of her ass.  within a couple minutes, she started clenching up and moaning, and right when she started shaking at the beginning of her orgasm, i felt this warm fluid hit my stomach.  i looked down and and everytime i pumped inside her, she would shoot out a lot of warm fluid and her orgasm seemed to last forever.  we were both in disbelief after it was over, and double checked it to see if was actually pee.  to my delight, it smelled nothing like pee and did not stain the sheets at all.  we both are looking forward to the next time for sure!!


Wow, congratulation. Seem you and your wife found a new hobby, but be careful when doing it in anus, dont do it before put it in vagina, or clean your penis before do it, I heard some gel may help, but I don't know if it works.