I have tested HPV positive, have had an abnormal pap 8 years ago (have been normal since) and now have both fibroids and ovarian cysts. I have now developed pregnancy/flue like symptoms such as breast enlargement, have always had fibrotic breasts cycsts, and am missing work because I don't want to get out of bed due to being so tired. I want to have a hysterectomy to remove the problems, especially since I'm HPV positive and realize this increases my chance of developing cancer.Can fibroids cause your body to think it's pregnant? Will having a hysterectomy decrease my chances of developing breast cancer? I have 2 aunts that both died of cervical and ovarian cancer in their early 50s, and just learned that my cousin has breast cancer and is having a hysterectomy since they told her the cancer was hormone related? I am scared to death that I have or will develop cancer if I don't have a hysterectomy and have felt sick for weeks.... feels like pms all the time.