Hi everyone,

     Back in 2009, after seeing my OBGYN and having a biopsy I learned that I had stage 3 cervical cancer. I never had any symptoms, such as warts like some women. I then had the LEEP procedure to remove the cancer. 

     I’ve been separated from my husband now for over 5 years and haven’t had it in me to find anyone else to share my life with. A couple of weeks ago I went in for a PAP smear and I got the same letter that I got back in 2009. It reads,” Your Pap smear was negative and your HPV test was positive. This does not  mean that you have cervical cancer or pre cancer, or will ever have either condition. It simply means  you may develop an abnormal Pap smear in the future. More commonly, your body will clear the HPV on its own.” With that being said....

     I do know this, you may already have cervical cancer and they don’t want to say for sure that you do! 

     When your immune system gets week, you’re prone to infection. This means HPV as well. HPV never goes away. Rather, it stays dormant in your body and can come back at anytime. If you’re under stress or you have depression, anxiety, etc. 

     even if you’re younger and have been immunized for HPV, there are still over 100 different types of HPV. The immunization does not protect you from all of the types of HPV. This is not just a woman’s issue. 

     Unfortunately this virus can affect anyone. Most woman will develop cervical cancer and young men or adult males are more prone to getting throat cancer. The sad part is that there isn’t any tests for males, which makes it even scarier. I’ve known 3 male friends of mine who have never smoked a day in their lives that ended up with cancer in their throats. I’m assuming due to oral sex with their partner.  This is something that most women and men are unaware of. Another grave issue for men 

      This virus is nothing to be ashamed about , so please don’t feel like you need to hide from your partner. 

     An upward of 70% of all cancers are due to HPV.  

Im not an expert by any means! I’m simply a survivor who cares about the wellbeing of others. 

     If you need someone to talk to or need support in anyway. I’m here for you to talk to. Don’t feel ashamed, it’s a virus that is almost unpreventable. 

     You can get this virus jus from skin to skin contact and it’s okay to talk about it. 

     I hope that whoever reads this and needs support, or even someone who won’t ever judge you that you reach out to me.