Hi there i am worry about my health condition, 24 years old male. I for 10 months i have done a blood test for kidneys, hemoglobine, complete blood count, Urine an abdomen ultrasound and all came back good exept an urinari infection that went away after 1 week antiobiotic i visited also an urulogist for a testise chekup and he find that i have bllod vesels like a sack above my left testicle and he said its not dangerous he asked me to cought for the physical chekup Of the sack. But my worryes are on a lymph node that i can feel for maybe 1 year on the right side of my Adam apple and that not going all away just shrink and grow but not more than a pea It moves aroud if i touch it, i have no weight loss, night sweets no fever no cought but i am to worried after reading some articles her..an ultrasound spec thought its nothing to worry about and i do not have to make an ultrasound of it..also an orl specialict checked my throat and he said that i just have a light infection abd that node is just like a soldier... For 3 three weeks i wisited an iternist and have done an abdomen ultrasound and he said there is all No enlargments no lymph nodes, asked me to do a blood count and Its all right.. I think im to anxious and maybe have anxiety of cancer i cannot come to normal and good thinking jus bad and just for health conditions.. In Family history we never had cancer forms or tumors Please do i have to worry so much or not, sorry for bad spelling. And thank you for reading this.