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Hi. I’m 20-year-old healthy student. In my younger age, as a child, I was extremely skinny with very low body weight. I also had weak bones and monthly bone-fractures became a usual thing for me. When it became serious I started to take calcium supplements and my bones became strong. I also started to visit gym two times a week but my body weight didn’t change at all. My mother started to worry. I eat a lot and I’m not a “choosy” type but it seams whatever I eat and no meter how much I eat – it definitely don’t effect my body mass. I was thinking to use some bodybuilder sports nutrition for gaining weight like Cybergenics but I'm afraid because I heard it’s not good for heart, that it can causes gastric problems and similar. What should I do?


Hello. While I was reading your post I felt almost the same like 4 years ago when I had same doubts like you now. I understand you completely. There are some bodybuilding programs and formulas which can seriously harm your health like – artificial proteins, amino acids and similar. Cybergenics products are special concentrated nutritional supplements designed to be used in conjunction with the complete program they give you. Program includes pills, diet rules and training methods.
I use cybergenics products for 4 years now I can tell you – my health is elevated on another level. I gain perfect weight and body sculpture. So…just go for it! It will change your life!