As a part-time model, beauty is always something that has to be in the back of my mind to keep in mind always. Since I had have two children, my body has undergone many changes that have affected my ability to do different types of shoots, including swimsuit and lingerie. Also, having to buy things for the babies has put a limit on my "Beauty Budget" and I've had to find alternatives for myself.
One quick easy one... instead of those thirty dollar "sea salt scrubs" or "sugar scrubs", make your own at home. Take olive oil, mix in either coarse salt or sugar, scrub over your skin (this is for the body) in a circular motion for at least two minutes, then rinse off with rather cool water. You'll notice instantly softer skin. The difference is with the salt or sugar... the salt sort of "irritates" the skin, so it causes the skin to "puff up" a bit... you can definitely use that to scrub your lips for a sexy, fuller pout in a pinch. It will leave the area irritated enough that slapping a sheer, shiny gloss over it will give it the desired effect.
For make-up, I've found less is more.. find one product that serves several purposes and you will find a bargain. For instance, Prescriptives Mineral Powder has the coverage of a foundation and the dewiness of a powder... all in about thirty seconds of sweeping it on. Absolutely one of my faves.
Another tip to having a great looking face: have your eyebrows perfectly groomed and you will always look put-together, no matter how much makeup you're wearing or not wearing. It's better for your skin to tweeze... the "ripping" action of waxing stretches the skin out and actually encourages the formation of wrinkles in that sensitive, thin skin. To tweeze effectively, put a little brow wax (or hair wax) on a brow brush, brush your brows in the shape and direction you desire, then carefully tweeze any hairs that stray outside that shape. Remember, the pencil thin lines are out and full, natural, arched brows are in, so not much tweezing in necessary. To cut down on irritation and pain, apply a very warm washcloth before tweezing (or do it after a shower), so the pores are open and the hairs will slide right out), and afterwards apply a cool washcloth and then gentle moisturizer to cool and soothe the area and close up the pores.
Buying a neutral shade of lipstick (not dark brown or bright red) can turn it into a three way tool for your face.. you can use it as a cream blush, cream eyeshadow, or lip color in a pinch. Trust me, I've done it and it turned out great.
Two items: 99 cent black eyeliner pencil and ten cent Q tip and you've got smokey eyes. Swipe on the eyeliner (make sure the pencil has sort of a soft tip and not very hard as that could cause damage to the eyelid and potentially the eye if you slip), then take the Q tip and begin smudging about mid eye on out with sweeping outward and slightly upwards motions to make a great smokey eye quickly and cheapy.
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The key to a great face is keeping it well moisturized. This should always be the first step in your beauty routine.
Being beautiful is also about what's on the inside, and no I don't mean the nice things you do for people. Eating right, exercising, and drinking lots of water will cause your natural "glow" to come out and also give you more energy and a longer life. Beauty for today, beauty for forever! Stop smoking, as this causes fine lines and wrinkles (along with the other obvious negative side effects). Get out in the sun more, but don't bake your skin...wear appropriate sun protection. But being in the sun gives you blasts of Vitamin K, which improves the immune system and mood!
Basically, follow your gut when it comes to your personal beauty regime. Don't waste time and money on some stupid trend if you have doubts about it looking good on you. Follow your ideas and intuition and you'll have a great look, every time!