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1. General masturbating techniques

Use your imagination, half the fun with masturbation is finding new ways to reach orgasm using as many techniques as possible.


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2. New male masturbation techniques

Here are threads where you can read about male masturbating techniques.


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3. New female masturbation techniques

If you are limber enough and there's enough room, start with the tub empty and get the water temperature right and then position yourself directly under the stream of running water. The random pounding of the water should stimulate your vagina to a good orgasm.

- If you have a removable shower head, you can position the water flow exactly where you need it for maximum stimulation. Try removing the actual shower head from the hose to get a straight jet of water. This can be too powerful so you might have to turn the water pressure down considerably. Point the stream of water downwards so it does not turn into a douche, but alight the stream with your clitoral hood/clitoris and move it around until the turbulence starts to provide the right stimulation. This will produce one of the largest orgasms very quickly and might make you overly-sensitive very fast so it’s best to do it sitting or laying down in the tub so your legs won’t give out.

-The electric toothbrush always seems to be a favorite to pinpoint the vibrations on your clit. Be careful of sharp edges. You might consider placing something between your skin and the toothbrush like a rubber balloon or latex glove to avoid cuts or abrasions if the vibrations are too strong.

-Food items also get a lot of mention and can be quite realistic at simulating a penis. Used in combination with clitoral stimulation they can lead to some great orgasms. ALWAYS wash the fruit or vegetable with some anti-bacterial soap for safety sake. Also consider warming it in the microwave to more closely simulate a real penis. Textures seem to work better than completely smooth items so look for odd shaped items. Don’t try to stretch yourself to unnatural sizes; it might make actual sex disappointing for both you and your partner in the future. Try moving the item in different ways than just ‘in and out’. Always have a large enough item to keep a firm grip on it so it won’t get lost, you might not be able to remove the item yourself and the embarrassment would not be worth the pleasure.

-Manual stimulation is always a handy skill to have in your arsenal just in case you don’t have access to accessories. First you rub yourself at the top of your clitoris moving around in circles with one finger. Once you start to get a little sensitive slide your fingers (one might be best to start with) inside and then pull out and rub your clitoris again constantly building up tension. Use your other hand to massage or pinch your nipples or just focus on your vagina, using one hand to caress the vaginal opening while the other works on your clit. If you can flex and relax your legs while you do this, it can greatly enhance the sensations due to the increased blood flow to your lower body. During orgasm, flex your legs as hard as you can and you should feel an increased euphoria.

-Other household items that might help you get there could include, hairbrush handle, screwdriver handle, and a flashlight. Be careful inserting household items and always make sure they are cleaned thoroughly and preferably put a condom over them to avoid any potential infection from introducing a foreign object into the body.

---The washing machine can create a pretty intense vibration if it’s slightly off balance during the spin cycle; just find a corner to press yourself against.

---If you have an orbital sander it can be quite powerful but often the vibration cycle is too fast and becomes more of an irritating tickle instead of pleasurable. One way to solve this is to place something between you and the sander. If you have a chair that needs to be refinished anyway, put the sander on the seat of the chair and straddle the chair back or chair handle and enjoy the vibration through the chair.

---Most push-lawn mowers will vibrate their handles enough to ‘get you there’ but you have to be a lot more cautious with this method for obvious reasons.

---Vacuum cleaners will sometimes vibrate enough for the handle to stimulate an orgasm.


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4. Anal masturbation ideas/techniques

As far as techniques go, I would say that it is best to experiment and find what you like yourself. There aren’t too many different things to do, but I would suggest starting with a lubed finger (avoid long fingernails) and let yourself get used to the sensations until you feel you would like something to go deeper. At this point, you would be best to purchase a cheap dildo – easily available online – and explore further. You can try different lengths, girths, textures and shapes until you find what is right for you. Everybody is different and enjoys different things. If you decide you are curious about anal sex then make sure you read the relevant FAQs to keep yourself safe.


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5. Anal masturbation and sex

Anal masturbation as well as sex can be practiced by both males and females of any sexual orientation. Since anus and rectum don’t have natural lubrication, it is essential you used artificial lube to avoid tearing of the anal mucosa and formation of anal fissures and fistulas. Because of feces that are loaded with bacteria, any tearing is vulnerable to infections including sexually transmitted ones. There is no definite research about anal sex causing hemorrhoids.
There are many anal toys specifically made for this type of masturbation or you can simply use your fingers. Please make sure you avoid any household objects or food.

6. Is anal masturbation enjoyable for guys? How come?

Anal masturbation (including fingering and using toys) is pleasurable for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are lots of nerve endings in the lining of the anus. Rubbing along these will cause a pleasurable feeling – much like the way a vagina works. Imagine the feeling you get when you go for a poo. It’s a pleasurable feeling like relief. I find orgasms generally feel like a huge feeling of immense relief and relaxation. A similar tingling pleasure can be felt during anal stimulation (whether with a finger, tongue, toy or penis). If you want to go with the vaginal analogy, then the male ‘clitoris’ is next. In the anus, the clitoral equivalent is the prostate. It serves other functions, but we’ll stick to the fact that it feels good when you rub it. You can find this gland by entering the anus and going forwards towards the front of you – a bit above where your balls are. Sometimes it can feel a bit like you want to pee when you touch it, but you need to get used to it and you’ll get confident enough that you won’t pee to be able to enjoy the tingling sensation. As far as sexuality goes… guys, stimulating yourself is masturbation, being stimulated by a female is straight intercourse and being stimulated by a guy is homosexual intercourse. You shouldn’t deny yourself pleasure just because you have been given some lousy information or because your mates are too stupid to realize that it can’t be termed “gay” unless another guy in involved. You don’t need to worry about what your friends think if you are with someone you trust not to tell them. You shouldn’t have to worry too much anyway, because real friends should be understanding and non-judgmental, but remember that people react with laughter or mockery to avoid talking about something they feel uncomfortable discussing. Maybe because they are curious about anal stimulation themselves and they have issues with it.

7. What lubrication should be used for vaginal and anal masturbation?

The best lube would be water-based lubrication to avoid irritations and infections. However, different body creams, lotions and oils work as well. They are not recommended for vaginal insertion though as they may interrupt vaginal PH balance and cause yeast infection or irritations. Some people just use their saliva.

Here are some rules and advice about anal masturbation and intercourse:

1. A penetrating partner should be very gentle and go slow respecting your wish. The receiver is the one who is decided when to start, stop, go deeper or slower and direct the pace of thrusting.
2. Like already mentioned, using lubrication is essential.
3. Condom should be used to avoid infections.
4. You should not be pressured into having anal sex.
5. Condoms ( used on both penis and toys) should be spermicide-free to avoid rectum irritation
6. Avoid having vaginal after anal sex without having the condoms changed
7. Make sure you wash your hands after anal masturbation, sex or touching dirty condoms to avoid spreading infectious material.

8. Maximum depth when anally masturbating or having anal sex?

The receiver is the one who should decide upon the pace and depth of anal masturbation or sex. You can go as far as it feels good, just make sure you realize that it is bowels at the end of the rectum and that by thrusting too hard or too deep you are entering the bowels.

9. Which household items could I use for masturbation?

Well, you shouldn’t be using any households at all. However, if you do, please make sure you avoid glass, sharp objects and foods or any other objects potentially harmful.

10. Will masturbation stunt my growth, cause acne or decrease/increase the length of my penis?

There is no evidence that masturbation will affect your growth, the growth or changes of your penis and will cause you to have acne. If you feel differently or have different experience, you can discuss it on the following threads:


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11. Do I need to masturbate?

Of course you don’t NEED to masturbate. It’s hardly compulsory, but it can be a safe way to explore your body and to relieve sexual tension. At the end of the day, it’s fun and it doesn’t harm anyone, so if you want to then go for it, but don’t feel pressured to do it just because everybody else is doing it but you don’t have the urge to do it.

12. Can masturbation help you lose weight?

Any movement burns calories. Faster movements increase your heart rate and speed your metabolism. I suppose you would lose a tiny, tiny bit of weight from the semen you release, but that would be replaced. There’s no evidence to suggest that masturbation has any significant effect on your weight.

13. Chronic masturbation effects?

Although there are no definite studies about negative effects of masturbation, some of you may feel that your problems (hair loss, memory loss, premature ejaculation, decreased sex drive, tiredness, etc) could be related to excessive masturbation. If you do, share your thoughts in the following thread:


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14. Will masturbating affect any body functioning? Hormones, growth, etc

Most of the "old wives tales" of masturbation and physical side-effects have been debunked. No you will not get hairy palms, stunt your growth or go blind. Since masturbation is a very normal part of exploration of one's changing body, at times an individual may point to increased hair growth in certain areas as say it is due to masturbation. It is not, increased and changing hormones are to blame, but do not change or become altered due to masturbation. It is a very normal part of growing up and becoming an adult.
One possible "side-effect" is psychological, meaning one can think of it as so pleasurable that masturbation becomes a form of addiction to the point that it interrupts normal daily activities, commitments, responsibilities and/or sleep. Normally this would be more common in people with Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder or OCD. Another psychological effect and a bit more rare is deviant behavior as far as public masturbation, any kind of going to extremes that may inflict harm to yourself or others, or be offensive to others. It has been found that any psychological effects regarding masturbation was due to other more deeply rooted problems and not common place at all in healthy fully functioning people.
There can be benefits to masturbation; to experience pleasure, to relieve tension (sexual tension or general tension), to relieve stress, to engage in sex when a partner is unavailable or does not want to have sex, to relax, to learn about what feels good and how you like to be stimulated or pleasured and also remember masturbation is a wonderful form of safe sex.

Some independent studies, one from the McKinley Health Center states some of the following, HEALTH BENEFITS OF MASTURBATION:

A number of studies have proven the benefits of self-pleasuring to mental, social and physical health.

• Masturbation alleviates premenstrual tension for many women.
• Masturbation provides a healthy sexual outlet for people who choose to abstain from sex with partners or who do not currently have available sexual partners.
• Masturbation can be a route to safer sex, to help prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
• Masturbation allows for sexual pleasuring for those who are not ready to engage in vaginal, anal or oral sex.
• Increases blood flow to the genital region, which can help overall sexual functioning.
• Masturbation can induce sleep.
• Masturbation allows people to become familiar and comfortable with their bodies.
• Masturbation is often suggested as a therapeutic technique for overcoming sexual dysfunction.
• For women, it can help them learn how to achieve orgasm.
• For men, it can help them increase ejaculatory control and manage rapid or delayed ejaculation.
• Masturbation can help alleviate stress.

15. Watching porn while masturbating?

Keep in mind, under normal circumstances it is only legal for an adult 18/21 or over to buy or possess pornography.
Sexual curiosity among teenagers is normal, and many might say that visiting X-rated web sites or watching porn is developmentally appropriate behavior However, some researchers have expressed concern that exposure to printed, taped and online pornography during adolescence my lead to a variety of negative consequences. Some fear consequences include the undermining of acceptable social values and attitudes about sexual behavior, earlier and more promiscuous sex, sexual deviancy, sexual offending, and sexually compulsive behavior. So it can in certain teenagers and even some adults be a gateway to all types of sexual problems if they allow themselves to become out of control. It does desensitize many people, which then makes promiscuity and compulsion a greater problem.
It is normal for some adults to watch porn during masturbation. Some people enjoy the visuals of sexual activities to get themselves turned on and help enjoy it more. As long as you do this in private, behind closed doors, there is nothing wrong with it.

16. Side effects from masturbating

Other than the good effects listed in Q 14... there are no real side-effects to worry about other than what was already touched on.
The other things that can happen is injury from using household objects(getting something stuck in or on your body to need a doctor's help), not using enough lubrication (chafing, irritations, cuts), pulling a muscle from positioning or other old injuries, problems getting erections or desensitation due to doing it constantly, decreased ejaculation fluid amounts (normal with increased sexual activity), testicular or groin pain from getting to rough or poor choice of positioning.


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17. Is it Ok to masturbate with the friend of the same sex?

As long as both individuals are consenting, there is complete privacy and confidentiality, then one would suppose it would be fine. You must always be sure that no one is feeling pressured or forced to do something that they do not want to do. Respect and consideration also must be important as well as to have the experience enjoyable to both parties.
There may be a question as to what age it would be acceptable, it is however an individual choice and as long as the guidelines above are kept in mind and safety is kept in mind as well it would be considered a natural part of growing up and exploration.

18. Is masturbation addictive

The euphoria experienced during orgasm can be as intense as any illicit drug and may become quite addictive. Since masturbation is typically a solo activity and can be done any time someone chooses so there are no restrictions from the pleasure seeking other than privacy and time constraints. Masturbation is also a self-serving pathway to sexual release without any pressure to ensure anyone else’s pleasure. People, especially men, can develop performance anxiety to a degree that leads to erectile dysfunction as a result of their self-imposed desire to stimulate their partner to orgasm. Masturbation removes this pressure and becomes purely a selfish pursuit of pleasure.

19. How much masturbation is too much and is there such things as over-masturbation ?

I don’t think you can put a specific number or time frame as the limit, but certain social indicators can be warning sings that you may have a problem. Do you still fulfill all your professional and personal responsibilities? Do you shun real relationships and interaction with people in favor of private time for self pleasure? Has your significant other mentioned concern about your masturbation habits? Has masturbation caused problems in your relationship or in past relationships? Have you faced legal trouble as a result of your masturbation? If your masturbation habits have put you in any awkward situations you might consider cutting back a bit.

20. Can masturbation lead impotency?

Masturbation can certainly lead to psychological impotence depending on the person and their methods used for stimulation that may not be realistic with an actual partner. Too much dependence on visual stimulation (pornography) can de-sensitize a person’s capacity for fantasy, which can be one of the most potent aphrodisiacs in a person’s sexual arsenal. Becoming accustomed to one specific style of stimulation can render other forms obsolete which might make it next to impossible for a partner to replicate the exact same stimulus you have become accustomed to.


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21. Can you get an STD from masturbation?

You cannot get a sexually transmitted disease if masturbating on your own or by using masturbation toys. You need to come in contact with an infected PERSON in order to get an STD. STD can be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person or by having an actual intercourse, both vaginal and anal.
You can not get an STD while masturbating in a swimming poll, but girls could easily get urinary tract infections in the poll even without masturbating. Girls should also maintain good hygiene of their masturbation toys.

22. How do I stop masturbating?

If masturbation is taking too much of your time or is affecting your social wellbeing and your daily activities, the only way to stop is by STRONG WILL.
Organize your day so you don’t have time to masturbate, organize social events so you won’t be left alone, remove all the things that could make you think about masturbation and when the urge comes, you need to put your mind to refraining from it. It is the only way.
If you can’t do it yourself, look for professional help with the school psychologist or private ones if you are older.


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