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Yesterday I was in the city mall and some girls were sharing some propaganda material, some flyers, I don’t know. I took all of them and I put them in my purse. When I came home I started to clean my bag and I saw those flyers. One of them was very interesting because it was about pet insurance.

There is some phone number and I am planning to call them to see what can offer for me and my dog.

Do you have any experience with it?

What are the benefits of pet insurance?

Is it too expensive?


Hello there.


Definitely pet insurance can be amazing thing :) I don’t have it yet but I am pretty sure that I will get one for my Boo. One day. Soon, I hope.

But as you could probably see on this site that a lot of people cannot afford medications for their pet because they are expensive, you should know that with pet insurance you will never have to decide between your pet and your money.


Because by having pet insurance you can take the financial aspect out of the question. In this case the most important thing is what your pet needs.

I can’t talk about the price because I don’t know it :)



Hello there guys.


I think that pet insurance is really worth of price. Some people will do anything for their pets as always. I would do the same.

A few days ago my friend spent more than 700 dollars for her pets care. She literally was crazy after it.

She found out that pet insurance can help in this situation. She paid about 70 dollars for one month and after this she paid less for her pet’s medical and surgical care. Of course everything depends on the policy.

My pets don’t’ have insurance but I am thinking to get one for them :)



Good day. My dog doesn’t have pet insurance. He is 7 years old which means that he is pretty much old now. But tnx God he was never seriously sick so I am not planning to get one for him. I didn’t spend a lot of my money at vets :) But I think that there are lot of benefits and pet insurance can never be more expensive than visiting your vet every day :/ I think that you understand what I am trying to tell you. As far as I know you will have to pay around 35 to 40 dollars per month for the insurance.


Hello. Well my dog has pet insurance for a lot of years now. My dog is senior dog now and I got insurance for him when he was a puppy. I am not sorry for it and I would recommend everyone to get pet insurance for their pets. About the price, it can be expensive at the first time when you want to get it, but very soon, after a while you will be happy with the insurance because every visit that you make to your vet it is going to be much cheaper.  My advice is – go for it



Hello everyone.

Thank you for answering me quickly. I am still wondering should I do this. I mean, you guys really gave me amazing advice here, but the truth is that I am not visiting my vet that often.

My pets are not so sick and they don’t have too much health issues so generally I am not spending a lot of my money when I go to see my vet.

Maybe I am thinking wrong but I think that I would spend more money on insurance.

I repeat, I might be wrong but I don’t know what to think about it :/