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Hello to all,

Days 1 -17 are to accelerate your body on low carbo-hydrate meal plan. Remember, this is not „just only diet“, this is a healthy menu that provides about 1300 calories. I had some really, really bad eating habits, such as eating very late, almost in midnight! So, I've learned that eating my meal very late makes losing weight harder than usually. Junk food also was part of my day, because I work too hard. It is time to stop with this, and start some healthy life. I am not type of person that can just give up. Wish me luck! 


Hi there,

I am so glad for you! You have to be persistent in your plan. First day is always difficult. I know, trust me. 17 day diet meal plan is something that I respect for two years. I've lost 66 pounds so far. I will give you one advice; eat every day 4 or 5 meals. Do not starve yourself, because that is not a solution. Cut out all junk food, sugar (If you like sweet coffee or tea, try with Stevia, natural sweetener). Steamed or fresh vegetables is my number one on this list. Wish you luck in that!