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Hi guys,

I was reading so much about this sugar buster diet plan on Steady Health. I am familiar to some things about this diet, but I think that I cannot find a list of groceries that we need to eat and that we need to avoid. I think that a list like that one will be great for all those who want to try this diet.

So, I was hoping that someone, who has experience with it, can tell me what Sugar Busters diet plan doesn't allow? I know it is strict, and that is the main rule of a diet.

But some things we still don't know!


Good evening,

you can eat a lot  of things, but some of you will say that this is not enough :) Because it is hard and has some plans that you need to be aware at the moment when you begin with this diet. The basic idea of this diet is to eat fruit, high – fiber vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and of course, fish. The main plan is to limit sugar. You can eat some sugar, but not the hard one. So, if you follow this plan, you will help your cholesterol levels, which means that you lower risk for diabetes.

Good luck!



Hey there,

I think this is a very simple plan. As in most of the diet programs, you need to avoid white bread, any products with white flour in it, white rice, sugar and all products that has some sugar in it. Mostly, we are talking about jellies, jams, etc. 

Also, you can't eat every type of fruit. You need to avoid these fruits with some high glycemic, like pineapples, bananas, etc. You need to avoid most root vegetables, such as beets, potatoes. It is easy, because you can find online list of all groceries that you can eat and that you need to avoid. 

Have a nice day.