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Hello Im Chelsea and Im 14 years old and I weigh 151 pounds, I really don't look like I do but the scale thing says I weigh that much :-( . I just need some advice or any sugestions on what to do o.O , I do run up and down my drive way a lot but I didn't today Im sick, But any who... I just need help losing weight for this year in soccer season, and for next year in High School for cheerleading Basketball and soccer... So please give me advice I'd appreciate it :-D


Hey Chelsea don't worry you are only 14 years old and you are still developing and the way you look now is not the way you are going to look like in two years. But I can understand why you think that the weight is important in your years so there are few things you can do and not to endanger your health.

It is obvious that you are into sports so please start with regular work out. You are running and that is great but instead of doing that up and down your drive way try in the park. And you can ask some of your friends to join you so you can make fun of this and in the same time you will be working on your body and you will be preparing yourself to become cheerleader. And if you want to be one you must be in a good shape.

And as soon as you start you will notice the difference because you are going to feel much better during and after work out.